Saturday, March 14, 2009

A story about nothing

A story about nothing and life
In the beginning we are told there was nothing
It is difficult to think of nothing, don’t you think?
We, who are alive, never think of nothing
When we relax and look at a cloudless sky
don’t we see a vast big blue pie?
So, how could there be nothing in the beginning?
We believe there were vast swirling clouds of gasses
which, slowly, over many millions of years
compressed themselves inwards and formed solids
These swirling solid masses gradually grew in size
And formed planets which had no life as we know it
Life is the great mystery, how did it form?
Many theories abound and will stay around
Maybe we will never know and should just let it flow
As long as today and tomorrow we live our lives
loving others just like a long lost brothers
For, if this is the trend, we will be happy
all the rest of our, hopefully, long lives

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